Carleton Heights Ice Rink is now open for the 2015-2016 season

The Carleton Heights rink located next to the Community Centre is now open.

The Carleton Heights outdoor rink is a board rink with extra-large puddle rink with lights and change rooms and washrooms open during supervised hours of operation. Washroom access is also available during regular community centre hours of operation.

Rink Supervised Hours:
Monday–Friday    5:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.
Saturday–Sunday 12:00 Noon – 5:00 P.M.

CHARA November Board Meeting, November 24th 2015

Please join us for our Board meeting on Tuesday, November 24 from 6:30 – 8pm at the Carleton Heights Community Centre. We would love to have more community members attend to share their thoughts or just listen in on what’s going on in our neighbourhood. Hope to see you there!

Christmas Craft and Bake Sale

The Christmas Craft and Bake Sale is quickly approaching! The event will take place at the Community Centre on Saturday, November 28 from 9am-12pm. We welcome anyone who loves to bake, sew, craft, cook, etc to come and sell their wonderful items to our community.

Tables can be purchased for $20. Please contact

UPDATE: Prince of Wales Culvert Renewal

 Tunneling started on 13th October but had to stop again on October 15th because of a risk that was identified in the stability of the backstop (the deep piled structure that provides the resistance to the horizontal pipe jacking forces). Additional restraint in the form of ground anchors were installed to ensure that the backstop remained solid and this remedial work was finished on October 20th. Tunneling resumed on October 20th and has been proceeding surely but steadily since then. The head of the tunnel machine has now travelled across the full width of Prince of Wales Drive and is now entering the embankment on the east side of POW Drive. In other words, the tunnel is about 2/3 complete and we are hoping that the tunnel machine will “daylight” on the other side of the embankment early next week. Here are a few recent pictures that show the tunneling operation:

 As stated previously, this project is behind schedule, predominantly as a result of the extended timelines taken by the Contractor to  submit acceptable work procedures.  However, I’m pleased to report that we are making good progress with the tunnel, which is a major item in the contract.  Once the tunnel is completed, the focus will be on lining the existing culvert with a new pipe (to create a twin-pipe configuration) and building the concrete headwalls.  Our aim is to complete these major components before the end of the year so that full hydraulic capacity in the creek is restored, and then to complete the surface restoration and landscaping in the spring.

 We have not received any inquiries from residents in the vicinity of the site and our field observations during the night shift have shown that the noise levels at the nearby homes is not disruptive and in fact no louder than the traffic that travels along POW Drive.


Kids and Youth Halloween Party

On Friday October 30th, CHARA will be hosting both a kids and a youth Halloween Party at the Carleton Heights Community Centre

Fa-BOO-lous Fun includes:
Kids party – ages 10 and under, 5-7 pm
Youth party – grades 6-8, 7:30 – 10 pm
Costume contest, games, crafts and more!

Tickets will be sold at the door: Kids’ party $2, Youth party $5

 A pulled pork dinner (as well as hot dogs, chips and pop) will be sold so bring the kids and parents can also enjoy a delicious meal!

Community Yard Sale

Thank-you to all our neighbours and friends who participated, volunteered, or were part of our Neighbourhood Garage Sale. It was a great morning and we really couldn’t have done it without you.

Carleton Heights Community Yard Sale!

If you’re looking for bargains, look no further than the Carleton Heights Community Centre on Saturday, September 19 from 9- 12.  The Carleton Heights and Area Residents Association (CHARA) is hosting a community garage that is sure to have something for everyone – including furniture, clothing, toys and much more.

Tables are still available for rent or you can donate your saleable items to CHARA. Any money raised will go back to the community. Please contact for more information. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Kick off to Summer Party

Thank-you to all our neighbours and friends who attended, volunteered, or were a part of our Kick off to Summer Party. We had a great night, and couldn’t be more proud of how things turned out.



CHARA doesn’t meet during the summer, but look out this fall for our September Garage Sale, and our monthly meeting on the fourth Tuesday of September.


Kick Off to Summer Raffle!

It’s almost here, June 26th is our day, and yours! Come and buy a raffle ticket, one ticket for $2 or 3 tickets for $5 and you could win one of these awesome prizes!!

Thank-you so very much to all our neighbourhood businesses who have donated to us, and have helped support CHARA!

1. One case of Classic Girl Guide cookies
2. Family passes to Ottawa Fury game
3. Family pass to Agriculture Museum
4. One of two family passes to Aviation and Space museum
5. Weed control package from Nutri-Lawn
6. One of FIVE 2 packs of adult passes to the Y
7. $25 gift card to Bowman’s Bar and Grill
8. Handmade Christmas Advent Calendar
9. Children’s Monkey Rock t-shirt
10. 3 Beavertails
11. $30 gift certificate to Ocean View Nails (1896 Prince of Wales Drive)
12. $40 gift card to Farmers Pick
13. Kids basket from Shoppers Drug Mart
14. $25 gift card to Wild Wing
15. $25 gift card to Broadways
16. $20 gift card to Farm Boy
17. Four summer passes to Saunders Farm

Thank-you all so much, your generosity is very much appreciated!

See you all on Friday night!

Kick off to Summer Party!

Woo! It’s that time of year again, where the flip flops come out, and popsicle sticks are stuck to everything and CHARA throws and awesome party just for YOU! We’ve been working out tails off to get ready and we’re nearly there, so come and join us on Friday, June 26th from 5:30-9pm, at the Carleton Heights Community Centre, 1665 Apeldoorn avenue. We’ve got pizza and drinks and treats for sale, so no need to worry about dinner. Leave the screens alone, and let the kids try out some fun games, run through the bouncy obstacle course, laugh along with Monkey Rock, and be wowed by the talent of Corona Gymnastics.

We’re holding an amazing raffle with loads of prizes, and a 50/50 draw if winning cash is more your style.

Think you’ve got something to add? email us at

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